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Our best selling product! This balm is used to heal: diaper rash, bug bites, burns, cuts, bruises, scars, dry skin conditions, sunburns, stretch marks, cuticles, cold sores, anti-aging for the face, acne, and SO much more. 

  • lavender oil: promotes healing
  • tea tree oil: fights infection
  • chamomile oil: anti-inflammatory, calms skin

Available in 4 sizes:

Lil' Heal Up: Weighing in at .2 oz this lil' thing can sneak into your pocket, purse, desk drawer, anywhere~ perfect size for on the go. A great way to give it a try and see how well your body can heal itself!

Heal Up Tube: Same ingredients as heal up in the jar. The tube will be thicker, perfect for on the go. Great for quick application.

Jars: 2oz and 4oz available

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