Ooly - sweet things clickit erasers
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Ooly - sweet things clickit erasers

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The great thing about 6 Click Pens is that they are 6 pens in one! The second best thing is that they write in 6 colors. And the third best thing is they're covered in delicious looking dessert designs. 6 Click Sweet Things Multi Pens are super fun and a must-have. 6 Clicks are great for quick access to different colors of ink; perfect for organizing your school notes, signing birthday cards and writing your checks in different colors just for fun. 6 Click Sweet Things write in Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Yellow and Red ink. Choose from 4 different styles of sweet designs (Cupcake, Macaroon, Donut, and Popsicle).

sweet food themed multi color pens

  • Colorful Multi Pen with Sweet Designs
  • 6 Pens in One
  • Writes in 6 Different Ink Colors
  • Comes in 4 Different Styles

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